Technology in the Desert and in Suicide Prevention

Posted on December 26,2013 by jeanc2013

The Holiday Season can be a lonely time of year, especially for people deployed in austere environments for the sake of patriotism and selfless duty.

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Operation Christmas Cards: Support a Soldier

Posted on November 15,2013 by snguyen617

I was walking by the kitchen on the first floor yesterday when- much like how I discovered the Survivor Quilt Project (some are still on display, if you haven't checked it out already)- I came across this:

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Bike Commute

Posted on May 22,2013 by cpembertonmspp

Today I took my bike on a test ride to gauge the feasibility of biking to my second year internship, and I am extremely happy to say that it is most assuredly feasible and will definitely be my preferred method for transportation. It is only ten miles each way, so I was not concerned about the distance. I was concerned about the safety of the route, and if traffic speed and road conditions would allow for the commute. Fortunately there are only one or two sketchy parts and even in those spots there are enough pedestrians and traffic signals to keep vehicles at slower speeds. So it should be no surprise that after a school years’ worth of two hour (each way) commutes, I literally felt like jumping up and down and shouting (which I may or may not have done on the side of the road) when I realized I will not even have to get in my car three days a week when my internship starts. I guess I have a pretty good jump on my self-care for the coming school year.

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MSPP's Annual Gala

Posted on May 16,2013 by cpembertonmspp

MSPP held their annual Gala on Wednesday May 15th and my wife and I were fortunate enough to be able to attend thanks to my involvement in the Train Vets to Treat Vets program. The Gala paid tribute to both Veterans and those still serving as well as their family members, and it was an absolutely lovely experience.

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Posted on March 27,2013 by cpembertonmspp

Last Thursday a small group of students, including myself, attended an event where we watched sections of the war documentary Restrepo and former Infantry Sergeant Brendan O’Byrne gave a moving recount of his experience in Afghanistan and an exploration of the unseen wounds that too often remain after combat has ended and the physical wounds have healed. Mr. O’Byrne’s frank and uncensored talk served as a powerful reminder of why I am pursuing a career in mental health. His insight and dedication to sharing his experience as well as his ongoing personal healing process serve as a beacon, for student-Veterans like myself, guiding us forward into a field that surely needs as many qualified and experienced (both academically and in the field) as can be produced. That being said, if you are a student –Veteran and you happen across this, I strongly recommend you take a look at the possibility of a career in mental health.

Finally, I would like to offer my personal thanks and appreciation to Gretchen Nash, Rob Chester, and everyone else that made this and every other event possible through their hard work and dedication to both the students at MSPP and the field of psychology itself; thank you.

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How It's Done

Posted on March 17,2013 by cpembertonmspp

When I consider the vast amount of different tasks I had to accomplish over the past week, I wonder how in the world I did it (okay, so maybe a couple items on the to-do list still need to be checked off). Between transcribing mock session video, fulfilling Train Vets obligations, participating in interview day, and having Drill at my Army Reserve unit on Saturday and Sunday, not to mention practicum and normal coursework/readings, I am so completed drained that I only put half a tank of gas in my car because I was too tired to stand there and wait for the tank to fill.

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