Spend the right amount of time on learning to coach

Posted on July 16,2014 by iamjohndroberts

Before I was admitted to the seven-month Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, I learned from my colleague Ann that she’d completed the program when it was two years in duration. Now, I love a challenge. And I wanted to get a lot out of this program. Ann’s a great coach. Was I missing something?

Before it was over, I did wish the program were longer. Not because it wasn’t rigorous and complete. I came to appreciate my instructors and classmates. Sometimes, the learning and the challenge of putting theory into practice made the assignments intense. And I was stimulated by the satisfaction of learning not just ideas, but ways to use what I learned.

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An Afghan Adventure

Posted on February 20,2014 by jeanc2013

So, I spent the past 10 months at a Marine Corps base in Afghanistan.

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Tis the Season to be Thankful

Posted on December 03,2013 by sthurstonmspp

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The Root of Anxiety

Posted on October 27,2013 by falimspp2013

This past week at my practicum site, Jessica Minahan, a board-certified behavior analyst and special educator, directed a parent workshop on Helping Parents Help Kids with Anxiety. The seminar was aimed at providing parents and professionals with valuable skills and tips to help children with anxiety. This was my first seminar that I attended within the psychology field and it was a very beneficial experience. The speaker brought valuable insight about the matter at hand and was very engaging and funny.

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MSPP's Annual Gala

Posted on May 16,2013 by cpembertonmspp

MSPP held their annual Gala on Wednesday May 15th and my wife and I were fortunate enough to be able to attend thanks to my involvement in the Train Vets to Treat Vets program. The Gala paid tribute to both Veterans and those still serving as well as their family members, and it was an absolutely lovely experience.

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How It's Done

Posted on March 17,2013 by cpembertonmspp

When I consider the vast amount of different tasks I had to accomplish over the past week, I wonder how in the world I did it (okay, so maybe a couple items on the to-do list still need to be checked off). Between transcribing mock session video, fulfilling Train Vets obligations, participating in interview day, and having Drill at my Army Reserve unit on Saturday and Sunday, not to mention practicum and normal coursework/readings, I am so completed drained that I only put half a tank of gas in my car because I was too tired to stand there and wait for the tank to fill.

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Never Stop Questioning

Posted on February 27,2013 by hmonkmspp

I went to a really great liberal arts school for undergrad. At first, I appreciated how much they made us think and question, and then question thinking and question questioning. However, after four years of it, I was kind of done with all the philosophical fluff talk of exploring morality and history and questioning everything. I was ready for practical learning in grad school where I learned how to really help people. All the questioning and fluff is nice and important, but I thought that it was getting in the way of learning how to simply treat people in the field of psychology.

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Get Excited

Posted on February 23,2013 by msppjen

I am back and feeling much more lively than last week! I have successfully completed my Capstone and now just under a week and the rest of my field placement stand between me and my degree!

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I <3 Experiential Education

Posted on January 25,2013 by msppjen

As many of you may know already, experiential education is one of MSPP's core values. This played a large factor in my decision to attend MSPP. In undergrad, I participated in a co-op program and now I am an assistant director at the organization where I held my very first co-op job 6 and a half years ago! To say that I see the value in experiential education is an understatement. In a very, very nerdy way, I want to sing my love for experiential learning from the rooftops!

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Judgement-free servings of potatoes

Posted on November 06,2012 by abrigovmspp

Most Sunday afternoons this semester have been a combination of pre-Monday jitters in anticipation of the busy day and a mad dash to finish x, y, and z assignments and readings. These afternoons are typically fueled by my most recent foodie obsession: hot green tea with truvia. Okay, maybe that's not true foodie talk, but I try to get some actual cooking in there on Sundays, also. At least something yummy and nutritious that will add to the aroma of food smells wafting from the microwaves at lunchtime.

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