Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching helps prepare you for ICF coach certification

Posted on August 05,2014 by iamjohndroberts

The GCEC positions graduates for certification by the International Coach Federation (ICF), checking the boxes on a number of important requirements. For coaches who don’t have a clinical or counseling degree, the ICF certification can assure clients that the coach has been trained in theory, practice, and professional standards.

All of the following requirements for ICF Associate Coach Certification or ACC are met during through the GCEC program.


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Executive coaching training: Expect to be challenged, academically and personally

Posted on July 22,2014 by iamjohndroberts

Studying to become a coach for business leaders did not match what had I expected of graduate study. I hadn’t been to graduate school, but plenty of friends had told stories.

Of course, I expected to study hard, learn theories and techniques, and rely on memory and experience to synthesize ideas and see me through. But good coaches offer much more than smarts and tactics and models. In fact, the first lesson of the GCEC is learning the difference between knowledge and practice. If you’re considering a coaching ceritifcation program, you should expect that in addition to rigorous formal education, you are laying the foundation of a practice rather than simply acquiring skills and knowledge.

Education for practice

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Spend the right amount of time on learning to coach

Posted on July 16,2014 by iamjohndroberts

Before I was admitted to the seven-month Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, I learned from my colleague Ann that she’d completed the program when it was two years in duration. Now, I love a challenge. And I wanted to get a lot out of this program. Ann’s a great coach. Was I missing something?

Before it was over, I did wish the program were longer. Not because it wasn’t rigorous and complete. I came to appreciate my instructors and classmates. Sometimes, the learning and the challenge of putting theory into practice made the assignments intense. And I was stimulated by the satisfaction of learning not just ideas, but ways to use what I learned.

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The Great Expectations Recession

Posted on July 09,2014 by iamjohndroberts

If you're worried about the future, you're in good company. But it isn't company that's good for you. Not only are we still in a stubborn economic recession, we're in an expectations recession.

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Can You Spare Some Change?

Posted on March 19,2014 by jeanc2013

Change. It happens to every single one of us every single day.

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