Fueling the End of the Semester

Posted on December 10,2012 by abrigovmspp

The semester is coming to a close and the brain and body are begging, "No more!" But shutting down this operation is not a choice. The group projects must be completed, the papers must be submitted and the assignments must be completed. Or else.

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Taking A Stand

Posted on December 07,2012 by mintakaori

Today was a historic day for me as a counselor-in-training. "Why, Ashley?" You may be asking. I'll tell you. It begins with a story, starting a week ago (last Friday).

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DSM-V and the Future

Posted on December 03,2012 by mintakaori

Today the DSM-V was confirmed by the APA's Board of Trustees. This means that, finally, the new edition of the DSM will be published and used by professionals. Especially exciting is the number of changes made to diagnoses or criteria, that supposedly makes our jobs as therapists easier. For instance, Hoarding is now a DSM diagnosis, no longer listed as an OCD diagnosis. PTSD is now added to Trauma and Stressor-Related disorders, a new chapter added to the DSM-V.

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The Paradox of Free Time

Posted on November 15,2012 by mintakaori

At this point you're probably thinking, "free time? What is that?" At least, that's what I thought when I was considering this post. For once, I have nothing on my plate, at least not school wise. It's one of those rare, rare times when I am caught up for weeks in advance, and with nothing to get done in the next few weeks, I have a little time to breath. At least, you'd think that. You'd think I'd be able to relax.

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Voting, Registering, Presenting, oh my!

Posted on November 06,2012 by mintakaori

Happy Tuesday! And what an exciting day it has been. Between registering for classes and voting (you all voted, right?), today could not get more hectic. Unless you have a presentation for Internship Seminar, like I do. Then you're day just got a little crazier than the rest.

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Judgement-free servings of potatoes

Posted on November 06,2012 by abrigovmspp

Most Sunday afternoons this semester have been a combination of pre-Monday jitters in anticipation of the busy day and a mad dash to finish x, y, and z assignments and readings. These afternoons are typically fueled by my most recent foodie obsession: hot green tea with truvia. Okay, maybe that's not true foodie talk, but I try to get some actual cooking in there on Sundays, also. At least something yummy and nutritious that will add to the aroma of food smells wafting from the microwaves at lunchtime.

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Happy November! (An Introduction.)

Posted on November 01,2012 by mintakaori

Hello MSPP readers and bloggers alike! My name is Ashley, and I'm happy to be joining the fabulous team of writers here on MSPP Student Voices! I'm here until I graduate next June, so let me tell you a little about myself, so we can be properly introduced!

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Guest Faculty Post # 2: Latino Mental Health Program Immersion through Centro Ecuatoriano Norteamericano in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Posted on August 05,2012 by latinomentalhealth

Old Cathedral, Cuenca, and horse carriage

I traveled with Dr. Stacey Lambert, Director of the Latino Mental Health Program, to Guayaquil, Ecuador on Friday, July 27th and returned to the US on Tuesday, July 31st. It was a very short trip, but full of experiences that we will never forget. We arrived in Ecuador at 10 pm that Friday, and were greeted by Don Enrique and Doña Marta Lucero, Dr. Cynthia Lucero's parents, and by Don Johnny and Doña Carla Gonzalez. Johnny is the General Director of the Centro Ecuatoriano Norteamericano in Guayaquil, and he is the person who coordinates our students' experiences in their second year immersion in Ecuador.


Saturday morning we went on a car trip to Cuenca, the third largest city in Ecuador, with over half a million habitants. It is over 7,000 feet above sea level, and it takes between 3 and 4 hours of driving up a windy road through the mountains to get there.On our way, we passed through El Cajas National Park, which has beautiful views and many lakes in the mountains.

Pictures don’t make justice to the magnificent mountains and vegetation of that area. The temperature dropped considerably (hint: do not wear shorts if you are going there!). During our stay in Cuenca we visited a number of sites, including a hat factory where people make hats by hand, several churches including the old and the new cathedrals, and several markets, where we appreciated the hand made clothing and other items made by the indigenous people of the area. During the trip we were able to see differences in climate, housing, and clothing between Cuenca and Guayaquil, which is on the coast. Everyone was friendly and eager to help. We returned on Sunday afternoon to get ready for a long day on Monday.

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Guest Faculty Post: Latino Mental Health Program immersion through UNIBE in Costa Rica

Posted on July 24,2012 by latinomentalhealth

We left Boston on Saturday morning (we were at Logan at 6 am!), stopped in Miami and arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica in the afternoon. The people from UNIBE (Universidad Iberoamericana) were ready for us at the airport and took the students to the host families and took me to the hotel. I am accompanying the students until Friday of their first week here to help them settle for what will be a month experience, and to solidify our relationship with UNIBE, as it is our first immersion experience here.

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NOLA 2012

Posted on April 23,2012 by agareaumspp

Hello Everyone! Sorry that I have been out of the loop for a little bit, but I just got back this past weekend from my trip to New Orleans. As I previously have written about, I was one of eleven students going down to New Orleans through MSPP’s C.A.R.E (communities assisting relief efforts) team. The trip was incredible and I had an amazing experience! This was my first time in New Orleans and before going down I was really looking forward to gaining an understanding to what it was like for the community when Hurricane Katrina hit and I was also looking forward to being able to contribute towards rebuilding efforts. Not only did I achieve these goals, but the trip exceeded my expectations. So here are some highlights from the week…

On Monday we volunteered with St. Paul’s Homecoming Center and we planted 32 trees in a neighborhood park. We were teamed up with one of the residents from the neighborhood who was in charge of managing the park, and after a hard day’s work of digging, planting, and cleaning out debris through scattered rain storms, we finished the project and all 32 trees brought some life back to the park.

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