Ecuador 2014

Posted on August 12,2014 by latinomentalhealth

Hola from Ecuador! My time in Ecuador has been an amazing experience. The people that I have met while here are so nice and so welcoming it makes it hard to think about leaving them. While working at Maternidad and Foundation the people are so welcoming and you can see that they want to teach you everything they can but they also want feedback and to learn from you. Seeing how passionate they are about the work they do here reignited my passion for becoming a therapist. I think that it is very easy to forget why we chose to do what we are in training to do and I also think it is very easy to burnout so to see these professionals who have worked in these fields for years still so passionate about what they do was great. Not only have the professionals been amazing but the host families have been as well. My host family immediately took me in as another daughter and sister. I have never felt so at home while being so far from home. It will be very hard to say good-bye to my family at the airport but I know I have made a connection with Ecuador that will never leave me.