Costa Rica and San Jose

Posted on August 07,2014 by latinomentalhealth


It's Wednesday and we officially only have 10 more days in Costs Rica. The time has flown by. Veronica added a beautiful post about our time in Manuel Antonio, and the beaches and our time spent there. Unfortunately, the majority of our group somehow came in contact with a pretty intense stomach bug and five out of the seven us have fallen ill this week. It took a while, but almost everyone is now on antibiotics and are on the mend.

Yesterday UNIBE took us on a tour of San Jose, showing us the Teatro Nacional, the Museo Nacional, and the Mercado de los Artesanos. The Teatro Nacional is a beautiful theatre detailed in gold-leaf and paintings on canvas. The seats reminded me of the seats at Fenway, although more ornate, since they are removable and have metal backs and arms. The Theater is small, containing only 1,400 seats, but holds its own as one of San Jose's treasures.

The Museo Nacional contains much of San Jose's history archived in photos and within its building structure. The highlight (at least for me) was the Butterfly Garden that begins and ends the tour. At first we had a hard time finding the butterflies (for a minute I wondered if it was just a plan garden), but slowly the butterflies emerged and flew slowly around the garden. The colors of the butterflies alone were worth the trip.

The Mercado de los Artesanos is busy, extremely crowded and a little overwhelming, but also a great experience! Vendors greet everyone who walks by and encourages them into their stalls. Bargaining is a must for everyone, but as we discovered the vendors were more open to negotiating with the men of the group. I'm not sure if it was their fluidity in Spanish, gender, or negotiating skills, but they walked away paying far lower prices than most of the ladies in the group!

At about 3am this morning we experienced yet another "tremble" in the earth. It lasted less time, but was stronger - people here are saying it was a magnitude 4.8, but lasted only several seconds so there was no damage. Just a little bit of adrenaline in the middle of the night!

Tomorrow we look forward to our second hypnosis class, in which our teacher promises to try and bring us back to the moment of our births. Some of us are skeptical, but we are all curious.

We are sending healing vibes to our friends who are working on feeling better physically.


More Soon!