Costa Rica Weekend Report

Posted on August 04,2014 by latinomentalhealth

The second week in Costa Rica has come to an end. This past weekend we went to Manuel Antonio National Park. We spent Saturday laying out at the beach, eating civiche, and relaxing. At one point a bunch of men began running to one side of the beach and were then followed by a truck. Of course we had to get in on the chismes, so we asked nearby onlookers what was happening. One lady told us that a parasailing cord broke and that a couple had flown toward the land before falling. No ne was certain what happened to the parasailors, but it was then that we decided not o do any water sports. It began to pour shortly after the incident, so we went to eat lunch. The rain did not stop until around nine at night. Although it rained, we had a good time shopping around and even squeezing in a small siesta.


Manuel Antonio Manuel Antonio

The next day we got up bright and early and headed to the National Park. Luckily, our hostel was in a great location, so we saved money on cab fare by walking. Once in the park we saw monkeys, sloths, and iguanas. There was a path that led us to a beach that looked like it came from a scene in a movie. After setting our towels down and claiming our spot, we took turns spending time in the water. At one point we had a visit from a raccoon. The raccoon went around the beach in search for food. He looked through a couple of bags before making his way over to our spot. He must have smelled our Doritos because he came over and snatched them. I was surprised how close he got to us, as well as by his entitlement to our snacks. Even though he finished off our snacks, we, and people nearby had the perfect opportunity to take pictures. The majority of us spent all day in the water until we got too hungry to stay at the park. Linner (lunch/dinner) was next on the agenda before our bus came to take us back to San Jose.

Best, Veronica Rios