Cat Smail - Costa Rica 2014

Posted on July 31,2014 by latinomentalhealth


All continues to be well with LMHP 2014 in Costa Rica! Today we had our first class on hypnosis - the professor had such a calming presence and voice, we were all relaxed from the start! She ended the class with a 40 minute relaxation and we were able to end our day feeling relaxed and energized. She is definitely an expert!

Last week we experienced our first Costa Rican "temblor," a very small earthquake which woke must of us up. The walls, our bed, and all the stuff on our shelves rattled us awake. It passed quickly and caused no harm, but it definitely surprised us all.

Very early Saturday morning, we will catch a bus to Manuel Antonio. We will be staying in a hostel and will spend our two days at the beach before returning to San Jose and UNIBE for class. We can't believe we are almost half-way through our trip!

Take care all,

PS - we are officially obsessed with the local ceviche and we have (we believe) found the best in town. Yummmm