LMHP Summer Immersion Costa Rica 2014

Posted on July 28,2014 by latinomentalhealth


We are beginning our 2nd week in Costa Rica and have been busy adjusting to our schedules, new host families and life in Costa Rica. During the day we attend classes at UNIBE, spend time at a children's mental health clinic, and observe clinical sessions and psychological testing conducted by professors at UNIBE.

This weekend we went zip lining and to Baldi hot springs near the Arenal volcano. It was an incredible day! We had a bunch of laughs with the Zip lining staff, and got to ride on a tarzan swing through an opening in the forest. The last zip line, the highest and the longest was nicknamed "Superman" and provided spectacular views of the forrest canopy through the fog. It took me a couple of seconds to convince myself to open my eyes, but when I did I was greeted with the most incredible experience of my life!

Most students took Sunday to visit Jako, a beach town about 90 minutes from San Jose where they saw crocodiles, an incredible surfing competition and rare birds. Some chilled on the beach while others took on the 9 foot waves all afternoon!

Although we're having quite an adventure, we've taken moments to miss our lives in the United States. I've heard from others that while we (of course) miss our families, friends and significant others most, we also really miss our own pillows and our pets. Shout outs to Luna (the cat), Nuki (the dog) and Ernie (the dog) - we miss you bunches.