For the Adventure Seekers

Posted on April 05,2014 by falimspp2013

The other night I went to out to dinner with old friends and we started discussing bucket lists. Although my list is quite lengthy, I have not had the opportunity to cross off a lot of the activities on it. Among the things I want to do, I want to travel the world one day, go scuba diving, play quidditch, and see the Northern Lights. All of these events are adventures, and I think there is no better time to partake in such ventures than in grad school, because they provide such excellent self-care and are an amazing way to take a break from studying.

A couple years ago, during undergrad, as a birthday and graduation present to myself, I decided to go skydiving. It was by far one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! I crossed this particular item off my bucket list at a local airport and I was terrified beyond belief. My friends bailed on me unfortunately, but luckily, I was going with my school’s skydiving club, so I knew I would find support in others.

Prior to sending you up in the air, they train you on how to jump and how to control your body in the air, in order to maintain proper form. This is important to understand because you do not want to be flailing around as your falling. Afterwards, you get suited up and wait your turn to go up in the air.

Here's proof I really did jump out of a plane! Here's proof I really did jump out of a plane!

I got my jump videotaped and had pictures taken as well, and although it is more expensive, I highly recommend others to do it as well. I was visibly nervous my flight up but the jump itself was liberating. I was able to see Springfield and Hartford because it was a clear day, and it really was such an incredible moment. There’s nothing quite like barreling through the air free falling after jumping out of a moving plane. I promise, as daunting as it sounds, it is worth it, and I feel like everyone should at least consider adding skydiving to their own bucket list.

When you’re pounding pavement and stuck in a routine of classes, homework, internship, work, you often find yourself in a slump come this time of the year. Going on an adventure, such as skydiving, can be rejuvenating and can provide you that adrenaline you need to be going until the end of the year.

I hope I didn’t scare you with this post, but I promise skydiving is really a great experience. I've seen groupon and livingsocial deals for skydiving in Western MA, so if you're really up to it, keep an eye out for those! I have also heard it’s absolutely beautiful to do it in Hawaii and I would love to do it over the Swiss Alps one day. Here’s to crazy, but 100% safe, adventures :)