Top 3 Tips for Linked In

Posted on February 25,2014 by msppblog

Our Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department recently hosted a "Breaking In" workshop for current students and alumni. These 3 top tips on Linked In were provided by MSPP Organizational Psychology Alumna, Leto Papadopoulos.

  1. Keyword your LinkedIn profile with all relevant terms related to the types of positions you're looking for within OD. This can be done within the summary, job descriptions or skills & endorsements sections. It doesn't matter where on your profile those terms are located, you will still appear in search results and terms will be highlighted.
  2. Create a strong career summary for your profile. This is a big picture overview - if your background isn't in OD, find transferable skills/accomplishments to highlight.
  3. Use LinkedIn to create networking opportunities. It's an extension of your in-person activities. Do your research on companies and people to meet with, and then use it to get introductions to set those meetings.