Kid President

Posted on January 31,2014 by sthurstonmspp

Maybe some of you are more in touch with trending videos than I am and have heard of Kid President. Maybe this is new to you, too. Regardless, you should watch some of his videos, like the one here:


This is a fourth grade boy who, with the help of his uncle-in-law, started making some videos about his take on the world. They are heartwarming and impressive, but most of all they contain some of the simple messages that we should all be hearing and saying every day, but are too busy to.

And, beyond what it brings to us in our lives, it is a great reminder of what kids can do with the support of a caring adult. I love the way this boy communicates, and am looking forward to a particular friend of mine who would probably do some great sharing if she got to make a fun video and post it. I can’t wait to see her proud smile!