What Lies Ahead

Posted on January 27,2014 by sthurstonmspp

Around here when the wind howls it shakes the ducts in our ceiling. There is a resulting metallic clang of thunder which sounds ominous as it echos through the drop ceiling of our office. It is the perfect sound for a Monday morning.
There is not a lot on the docket this morning: 4 meetings, and some classroom observations, and one block of coverage for the math specialist who is out today. However, classwork has kicked into high gear, with a lot of reading and responses. I also have multiple assessment cases (finally!) which all need testing completed and reports written. Additionally, spring is lurking just around the corner. This is usually cause for smiles and fond thoughts of purple crocuses erupting out of the ground overnight. This year, though, it brings thoughts of resumes, letters of recommendation, and the ever intimidating Job Hunt.
We have done mock drafts of this Event every year, applied to many field sites and brought out our best outfits for the interviews. We have all turned in our resumes to our supervisors for editing and overhaul, and are thankful for all of the experience provided by MSPP’s program that fills its pages.
What intimidates me, and reverberates through my brain at the quiet moments between activities in time with the thundering ducts above me, is the thought that my Career will begin with whatever choices I make next. While I have an idea of what I would like my job to look like, I am aware that compromises will most likely have to be made. Which means I will have to make some choices... and what if I make the wrong ones? I have been so fortunate to love my job prior to graduate school, to love all my field placements, and yet I worry I won’t know what I have gotten myself into until it is too late. For the first time, I need to get the most out of an interview, to understand the community I am applying to, and make sure it is a fit for me. This is not a temporary situation, a time when a bad match can be chalked up to a learning experience with the knowledge that the following year will be different.
So, I will quietly tell myself that no job has to be forever, and that I will take my time to make good choices (despite my lack of income over the past 3 years). I know I am ready to be a great school psychologist, and I will remain hopeful that I will find a school system that fits me!