The School Psychology Department’s Annual Holiday Party

Posted on January 09,2014 by sthurstonmspp

Everybody likes free food, especially when it’s pizza. What makes it even better, however, is the company you find yourself in. Year 1s, Year 2s, Year 3s, alumni, and PsyD students mingling with the forces who have shaped our program and are our resources in the field. There are hugs and handshakes, discussions of the School Psychology Softball team mascot (I vote for the Platy.... platypuses? Platypi?). The panel, representing a spectrum of experiences in “the job” speaks to the crowd about their satisfaction on the job and seems to repeat in so many different ways that the one thing that makes our job great and that makes us great at our jobs is that we go out and get what we want. We can make this job our own.
As School Psychologists, even a neophyte like myself (and yes, that was my position on the panel!) recognizes that above all else we are flexible. We wear so many different hats, provide support to a myriad of clients that can take on so many different forms, that we are like the undeniably cool platypus: hard to categorize, at first glance a heady combination of many different skills and pieces, and yet one complete and efficiently evolved being. Also, we are undeniably cool, too.
As such creatures, it is important that we stay ahead of the curve on many different fronts. Sometimes it feels like everything can affect our day to day experiences, from the clear impact of the tragedy at Sandy Hook to the less obvious downturns in the stock market causing an increase in the stress level of home lives of our kids.
How do we possibly stay abreast of all of these items, let alone distill the information into manageable and applicable pieces of information? Well, we help each other, of course. Resources are vital. The Communique, various blogs and news outlets, and of course, our own Out In Front.

Check it out: Out In Front