Thoughts on leadership

Posted on January 05,2014 by dirkmspp

This has been a rough winter, and it’s barely started. But the climate is not the only storm we will be forced to endure in the coming weeks and months. Soon congress will kick the can down the curb on several important issues, such as raising the debt ceiling, immigration reform, and aspects of the affordable care act – specifically the planned rollout of state and federally funded insurance exchanges. There’s little doubt that these are critical issues that need to be addressed, but, I’m often left wondering whose best interest are served in the final decisions made by our leaders.

I spend two weeks over the winter with family in the south, and seen enough confederate lags, heard the term ‘fair and balanced news’, along earth shattering information that President Obama was in fact a foreign national – and not American, to last me a lifetime. On the flip side back in the northeast, I’ve heard “W” was still to blame as he ruined the country by attacked two ‘innocent countries’, W’s inability to speak in complete sentences has ruined the U.S. reputation abroad, as have his attempts on spread democracy internationally - even though he barely ever left the country.

We blame Washington for gridlock, bickering, poor decision making…etc. However, we are entering troubled waters, as the polarization in our political system has already brought the country to the brink of fiscal ruin. So who is really to blame? We often view leadership as limited to those with authority and power, but the influx of technology, spread of new communication mediums has made that irrelevant. We are all leaders, and not only need to gain a thorough understanding of all sides of issues impacting us daily, be aware of our own bias, and more importantly, be able to effectively debate and discuss points on which we disagree with our friends, communities, and elected leaders.

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