Studying, with a side of ...?

Posted on November 25,2013 by aliatmspp

Take a look next to your computer right now. Is there a cup of tea there, a carafe of coffee, a mug of hot cocoa, maybe some juice? When you think about sitting down to get some work done for an hour or two, do you immediately pair it with a chai the way a chef would pair a filet mignon with a full-bodied red? Looking around at MSPP, many folks have the same generic paper “hot cup” in hand or at the ready. However, because we have a vast array of free coffee flavors, frothy foam, hot chocolate and tea, one can never assume that we’re all drinking the same type of coffee-like Kool Aid.

Personally, I try not to have a standard pairing. My most regular choice would be hot water; yes, just plain ole’ hot water. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. But on a cold winter day if I’m in the vicinity of a fireplace, I’ll likely go hot cocoa all the way, perhaps with a healthy dose of marshmallow on top. This fall, the warmed caramel apple cider has become a go-to on the run or when I’m editing papers. A coffee lover turned decaf (still haven’t found one that hits the spot), I do appreciate the barista artwork that the folks at The Thinking Cup in the North End deliver. An iced tea has a certain summertime appeal as I’m turning pages of a reading assignment while at the park.

What about you? What’s your drink of choice when it comes to tackling a project at work or in your studies?