Winter Class and Textual Healing

Posted on November 24,2013 by jeanc2013

I just ordered two text books for my next MSPP class titled, “Designing Organizations, Groups, and Teams”.

Yes, class starts tomorrow. “Why did you wait so long to order your books?” you ask. Well, things happen; life happens. But Dr. Elliott, the course professor, is understanding of the fact that it can be difficult to get required texts in time, and he has made accommodations for his students to complete the readings on-line while last-minute orders are en route.

You know, the MSPP program information said that they would keep total text book costs to about $500. That sounded unfathomably low for an entire grad program, but it turns out that their commitment to keeping our text costs low is indeed legit. The two books just cost me a total of $27.06 total, including shipping to Afghanistan. That’s truly remarkable. I know we’ve all paid well over $100 for one text before…usually penned by the professor him/herself. I am pleased to say that for the first time in my higher-academic career, I blissfully feel that I have been taken advantage neither through tuition nor text expenses. Huzzah!

Continuing my preparation for this course, I found that the syllabus is standardized enough for me to recognize it, as it is similar to those I have taken on-line with other institutions, but it integrates richer multi-media that not all schools attempt to offer. For instance, week one features a live broadcast lecture with a guest speaker from a global company that will brief how “change” is perceived in other cultures. That’s pretty dynamic to me. It effectively shatters the static learning to which I became woefully accustomed in my last program at a large, state university.

Very much looking forward to embarking on this 6-week journey with Dr. Elliott and my fellow MSPP on-line learners. Stay tuned for more tidbits and insight about the program.