Welcome to Boston

Posted on November 20,2013 by falimspp2013

I just read a piece on ESPN titled “The world according to Boston,” and I got the slight feeling the author was a little resentful of the strong pride Bostonians have, but I could not help but laugh because he truly hit the nail on the head. One thing to know about Bostonians is that we are proud. Amongst many things we are proud of where we come from, of who we are, of our sports teams and championships, of our colleges, and more importantly of our history. When we win, we celebrate together, and when we lose, we mourn as one. The day after a loss is certainly a hard one, and I can tell you there isn’t anyone with a smile on; losing a game hits us where it hurts the most.

This picture is slightly outdated, we have to add another year to the Red Sox ring, but you get the idea This picture is slightly outdated, we have to add another year to the Red Sox ring, but you get the idea

The author in analogy form commented that all Boston cares about is itself, the same way a parent puts his/her children first, and I have to say it’s true. To say Bostonians jump on the bandwagon would be inaccurate; we always care about sports, but we all get riled up and passionately involved when our team is playing, the same way a child takes precedence in a parent’s life.

You won’t find a city like Boston anywhere else. We may be known as “arrogant,” “conceited” and possibly “snobby” but in reality, is that such a bad thing? I mean is caring about something really so wrong? We may take caring to a certain level, but what is life without passion? Talk to a Bostonian and you can see a spark in their eyes when they talk about our city, and it’s contagious.

Boston has so much to offer; there is always something going on. It may be overlooked for the bigger cities, but I can tell you, there really isn’t another place that comes close to Boston. We have confidence; we don’t let anyone boss us around. And the thing is, we’re not just talking smack, we have the facts, the rings, and the history to back it up. If you are thinking about shipping up to Boston to attend MSPP, I highly recommend that you make the move and don't be alarmed when you find yourself filling up with Bostonian pride. Just don’t mention the Yankees, and Boston will welcome you with open arms.