Overlaps and Updrafts

Posted on November 19,2013 by sthurstonmspp

As previously mentioned, myself and another member of my MA/CAGS School Psychology cohort are embarking on an ambitious and perhaps insane attempt to begin our PsyD education while participating in the rigorous third year internship of the CAGS program. This has involved the dedication of our summers and the willingness to go straight from our sites to classes, a condition that requires us to be learning twenty hours a day. Exhausting.
What I can also say, though, is that despite the audible humming of my brain as it works to soak up all the new information and experiences I am exhilarated by this opportunity. I am amazed at what I have learned in the 5 months of PsyD classes and how it has helped to inform my practices at my internship site. While I fully appreciate the education I have earned so far through MSPP, I have taken some very enlightening classes that leave me to wonder how my classmates will go into the world without them.
I realize that we are resigned to a fate of continuing education credits and professional development classes that are supposed to address this deficit and to keep us current on best practices in our field. However, I recognize that even in its early stages, this advanced education is endowing me with a greater set of tools and increasing my ability to be an agent of change in schools. Come take a summer class with me. You’ll see what I mean.