Operation Christmas Cards: Support a Soldier

Posted on November 15,2013 by snguyen617

I was walking by the kitchen on the first floor yesterday when- much like how I discovered the Survivor Quilt Project (some are still on display, if you haven't checked it out already)- I came across this:


Veterans day has come and gone. As we continue to remember and appreciate those who have served for us in the past, it is now time to turn our attention to those who are serving for us right now. Many of us may know a family member or friend who is currently serving. Many of us may not. While some will be allowed to come home for the holidays, others will be sacrificing time away from their families to serve us.

I won't pretend to know how tough that is on both the soldier and their family. But, I certainly do empathize. So, when I saw that MSPP was collecting Christmas cards to send to our deployed troops, I was happy to stop and take some time out of my day to learn some more- and fill out a card.

Operation Christmas Cards

Some of the cards that were sent to troops in past years

Now though early next week MSPP will be collecting Christmas cards to send to the troops overseas through Operation Christmas Cards, a local organization who has been sending heartfelt cards to our troops since 2009. Thier goal this year is 175,000 quality cards, some of which they hope to send to troops who are also stationed in the states. Although some remain in the country, seeing family for the holidays may not be an option.

So, if you're going to be at MSPP before we break briefly for Thanksgiving, consider stopping for a few minutes to make a Christmas card. If you won't be in the area but still want to help, you can make a card at home and send it to Operation Christmas Cards or donate money to help offset shipping costs. You can learn more information about how to help HERE.

MSPP Supports Our Troops

If there was ever a graduate school that supported our troops, no doubt it's MSPP. MSPP works hard to educate about the challenges that troops face after returning, and to help vets connect with resources available to them. MSPP also offers education to military service members, and works to connect members with financial aid opportunities that may be available to them at MSPP. In addition, MSPP offers a concentration in Military and Veterans Psychology so to train vets to treat vets. Mental health is crucial for those returning home from the military, and MSPP recognizes that.

  • Looking for resources available to veterans? CLICK HERE.
  • Are you a Veteran seeking out a graduate level education in psychology? Meet some in the MSPP Military Community. Reach out to them with any questions or for support.
  • Are you interested in working with vets or those serving in the military as a career? MSPP offers a Concentration in Military and Veterans Psychology at both a Masters and PsyD level. Both vets and civilians are encouraged to apply!

Have you ever written to a pen pal or sent a card to a stranger before?
Will any of your friends or family be overseas this holiday season?