Independent Coffee Houses

Posted on November 15,2013 by rio32013

I have a hard time studying at home. More often than not, I get to my room, put my backpack down, and fall into bed for a nap. Other times, I hear my roommates hanging out and have the dire urge to socialize to make up for all of the studying I do in the course of a week. To avoid this, I try to get work done at school. This is usually productive, but the problem there is that I know too many people around campus to stay focused on an assignment. Plus, if I consistently go to school for the sole purpose of writing a paper, the walk from the parking lot to our otherwise beautiful facilities begins to feel like the hobbit's ominous approach up to Mt. Doom.

For this reason, independent coffee houses are my favorite study spots in the world. I love everything about them, from the sweet snacks, to the IMAG0143hipster baristas, to the constant din, the often random music that you've never heard before, and obviously, the coffee. Recently, I've fallen in love with a place in West Newton called L'Aroma. A fifteen minute drive from MSPP, this place has a mixture of all the things I love about coffee shops. I usually order a chai latte (really good here) and a pastry of some sort (their chocolate chip cookies are the bomb). The music is constantly some eclectic mix. Today, it's Ray LaMontagne, classical and flamenco guitar, and Billie Holiday.

Most of all, I find the mixture of sounds and smells so relaxing that I get tons of work done here. I can focus just long enough to justify getting up for a new coffee every couple of hours, but at the same time, it's rarely crowded enough here to be distracting. What else could I ask for??? You can find more info on L'Aroma at their website here.

What's your favorite study spot? Your favorite coffee drink?

Also, be on the lookout for my upcoming post on my recent interview with acclaimed MSPP professor, Dr. Susan Powell.

Song of the week:

Them Shoes - Patrick Sweany

This is the kind of great music that you discover at little coffee shops from hipsters who know people who know people who know the artist. Enjoy.