Happy 129th Birthday, Hermann Rorschach!

Posted on November 08,2013 by snguyen617

Who's this strapping young-looking fellow?

No, it's not Brad Pitt gearing up for his next role for a movie set in the early 1900s. In case you can't guess from the title, I'll let the suspense build no longer- It's Hermann Rorschach!

Who is Hermann Rorschach?

Maybe this will help jog your memory:

Cool Inkblot!

Even if you have never taken or administered a Rorschach test before, you may have minimal experience with them from elementary school. I think it was third grade art class that we were told to make a design on one half of the paper, fold the paper in half, and see how our art transformed in to something of perfect symmetry. While it was fun in elementary art, Hermann Rorschach had a different motivation with inkblots.

At a young age, Hermann Rorschach had an interest in both art and science. As a medical student, He had an interest in what caused people to see completely different things in the same inkblot, and would show them to schoolchildren and analyze their responses. He graduated with a medical degree in 1909 and, in 1921, wrote a book outlining how to administer and utilize the inkblot tests. Unfortunately he died about a year after the publication at the young age of 37. Because of the timing of his death, he didn't have the opportunity follow-up on the popularity of his testing method, or to develop or write anything else after his famous inkblot tests. Despite this, Rorschach was able to cement himself- and his method- in both psychology and history.

As a first year, I do not yet have too much experience with Rorschach testing. Projective methods and personality assessment is typically a second-year required course here at MSPP, as us first years are still learning the basic psychological assessment techniques! What I do know, though, is now I have an image of what this Rorschach fellow looks like to get me through the assessment classes as a second year. All I have to say about that now is sign me up!

Today is Dr. Hermann Rorschach's 129th birthday. Happy birthday, Dr. Rorschach!

What do you think about inkblot tests?
Have you ever taken this test? Administered it?