Posted on November 05,2013 by rio32013

I'm doing pretty well this semester. I've got solid grades in my classes, keeping up with my side work for my jobs, and learning a lot at my practicum sites. That being said, life as a grad school can be hectic. If a good GPA, working at a practicum, and keeping up with a job on top of everything are all priorities, things can be REALLY hectic. MSPP stresses self-care in orientation, and in weekly practice when I'm in school. Taking care of yourself is instrumental if you want to succeed in a high-stress environment, but often doing so is much easier said than done.

There are two major obstacles in my mind when it comes to self-care. First, finding time for it is tricky when you're constantly busy. Personally, I feel like I sometimes tell myself to take care of myself AFTER I've completed everything that I feel is important. This usually bull-dog-falls-a-sleep-on-a-bookmeans I'm reading textbooks until I can't see straight and fall asleep (This is a BAD thing. Bad Bobby.). Secondly, it's sometimes difficult to find what's really helpful and what's just killing time. I can watch Netflix for hours and feel just as stressed afterwards as I did when I started watching. Therefore, in my case, I have to find something that is relaxing which I can allocate time to.

In Texas, this would have been pretty easy. Relaxing to me means practicing my guitar. Since Sally is currently in my parents' house, that's out of the picture at the moment. So how does a starving musician get his fix?

41WCTD6NX5LThis is a cassette adapter (yeah, my car has a tape deck. How awesome is that?). Younger readers might not even know what this does. Basically, this was the original Bluetooth connection. Put the cassette in your tape deck and the headphone jack in your phone or mp3 player, and you're good to go. My car plays Led Zeppelin, The Black Keys, Slim Thug, and George Strait non-stop. And NO ONE can hear me sing! Which means that for the 45 minutes I'm driving to my practicum, I AM Robert Plant. Being a rock star for that small point of my day is how I keep (mostly) stable. It's the part of my day that I use to let everything else go, and the part of my day that I most look forward to.

What do you do to unwind?robert_plant


Song of the week:

Hey Hey What Can I Do - Led Zeppelin

This is one of Zeppelin's many underrated songs. Also, Robert Plant's vocal range is unfairly balanced. Enjoy.