Sweet November

Posted on November 03,2013 by falimspp2013


November is here! I can’t believe 2013 has flown by so quickly but I’m really excited because I have to say November is my favorite month. I may be partial to it because it’s my birthday month, but it’s more than that, I promise :)

There is nothing quite like Boston in autumn, and I think that the season reaches its peak this month. The foliage truly comes alive; you cannot walk down a street without seeing brilliant hues of red, yellow and orange. It’s truly remarkable and romantic, in every sense of the word.

Red cups are also back at Starbucks, signaling the beginning of Holiday season. Shops are being adorned with lights. You cannot take a step without being reminded about your never ending to-do list and all of the gifts you still have to buy. Nonetheless, there is a special magic in the air that is quite unexplainable.

Avid shoppers prepare meticulously for Black Friday. Coupons are clipped, schedules are made, and sleep is lost, all for that perfect gift at that incredible price. I do not celebrate a holiday that gives gifts this season, but my birthday falls at such an opportune time, so I take advantage of the sales.

Let’s not forget about the food, oh the food. I eat only Halal meat and it is slightly difficult to get a Halal turkey year around, but for November, the butcher shops stock up. I am a sucker for comfort food, so for me, nothing is better than a plate of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, corn and peas all covered in gravy and then topped off with a slice of homemade apple pie.

November is the perfect transition into winter. People are not sick of the cold yet, so Bostonians enjoy bundling up. Skating rinks begin to pop up, including at the famous Frog Pond in Boston Commons. The first snow of the season typically happens sometime in November and it’s quite enchanted.

This November also signifies the homestretch for the fall semester. Although this month is comprised of papers and projects, it all means that I am close to completing my first semester of graduate school. I cannot believe that just four months ago, I was nervous for school, and now here I am, so close to the end of the semester.

I hope everyone’s November’s are off to a wonderful start! Be sure to make the most of it! It’ll be December before you know it ;)