Academia is changing...

Posted on October 29,2013 by dirkmspp

Throughout the last several years, colleges and universities around the country have been adding programs and classes to their online rosters, opening university doors to many students who don't have the time or flexibility to commit to a traditional class schedule. In fact, over 6 million students, nearly a third of total enrollment at degree-granting postsecondary institutions, are now taking at least one online course. I am one of those students, faithfully working to balance my professional and personal life, with my academic one.

Since beginning my journey at MSPP, first in the Media Master’s program, and now in the Leadership Psych Doctorate, I have contemplated how different my personal and professional development might be if I was at MSPP on a daily basis. At first I feared that I would be a number, part of MSPPs financial equation, but I found that the opposite was true. While there is a trade off in the blended program which only requires us to be on campus part of the year, I’ve found myself bonding with my cohorts and instructors in ways I had not thought possible before. Moreover, I am consistently surprised by the personal interest, guidance, patience and respect our instructors and advisors have given each of us.

The needs of a society drive innovation, and academia is forced to evolve along with it. MSPP has evolved, continues to evolve, and is changing through collaboration of both faculty and students - always receptive to criticism and feedback. In turn, it has enabled them to deliver outstanding programs, as well as world class instructors and top notch students. Please believe me, if I could say this without coming across as a sounding board of the marketing department I would, but the truth is that MSPP has done a terrific job.

Go Sox!