Comin' Home (sorta)

Posted on October 24,2013 by rio32013

One of the best things about living in a city like Boston is the ease with which you can go to other major cities on the East Coast. I’m going to be taking advantage of this a bit this semester. I’m finalizing my plans to spend Thanksgiving in New York, and this weekend, I am going on a trip to Washington, DC to do research on musical therapy of prison inmates (how cool is that???). I love Texas, but realistically, making trips to other cities is pretty difficult back home. Drives from Austin to El Paso regularly take about eight hours - if you drive fast and don’t take breaks - and going to Dallas or Houston takes even longer.

Getting to New York from here is considerably easier. Thanksgiving is going to be exciting for me because I have never been to New York City. I have friends who have convincing me to check out the big city since I moved to DC for college. It’s also really accessible by driving or via train or bus from Boston (you can find tickets for five bucks between the two cities!). DC is only… ok, so DC isn’t that close to Boston. But it’s definitely easier to get there from Boston than from Texas (hence, why this is my first return to the hilltop since graduating two years ago). I’m going to be taking the train this time around, but I did consider driving.

Point of the story: being up here is an opportunity to experience entire worlds that I wouldn’t know about back home. I can’t wait to see as many of them as I can. My next entry will be more focused on the research that I’m going to be doing over the weekend and will have pictures and stories of my adventures in the capital, so stay tuned for that.

Song of the week: Look Out Mama – Hurray For The Riff Raff

“Look out mama, I’m comin’ home!” See you soon, Georgetown.