The Ride of a Lifetime

Posted on October 22,2013 by sthurstonmspp

I am afraid of heights. I think, though, that what is really going on is a fear of falling- and a perfectly reasonable fear of the resulting test of my mortality. Roller coasters, therefore, are off the menu for me. With one very special exception: I love Space Mountain. First of all, Space Mountain is at Disney. What better place to put you in the trusting mind frame of a young child? And, even more importantly, the Space Mountain roller coaster is in the dark! I can’t see what is coming, and am so busy being rushed forward that I get to experience the thrill without the anxiety.
This year has felt like an incredible roller coaster: I feel as though if I stopped to think and acknowledge everything on my plate I may panic. But, given that I am in the aura of safety and support provided by MSPP and that I can continue rushing forward, adding things to my docket as they come, my momentum is carrying me to places I would never think to go by myself with eyes wide open. And, I am enjoying it.
I am finishing up my M.A./C.A.G.S with a full time internship at an elementary school. I am doing psychological assessments, running lunch groups, attending a myriad of meetings, doing counseling, and generally putting out fires all over the building. Some days I forget to eat lunch! The work is keeping me on my toes, reminding me how to think on my feet, and is presenting me with many situations that require careful planning and collaboration. I am taking the associated Internship Seminar, and have also begun my journey into the PsyD program. I managed to knock out 4 classes over the summer, and have squeezed in one more this fall. I am already thinking ahead to the job hunt that will begin in a few months, and taking on any extras I can: this week I will help to put together and facilitate an Anti-Bullying night for community members.
I am, in all honesty, looking forward to when the ride will stop and I can catch my breath. But, in the mean time, I am enjoying the ride!