MSPPs Support of Veterans!

Posted on October 18,2013 by dirkmspp

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If you haven’t had the chance, make sure to inquire about MSPPs Military and Veterans Psychology concentration for clinical psych students. Please note that I would be that last person to advocate on behalf of anything that I didn’t strongly believe in. However, MSPP has done an exceptional job in supporting the veteran community, beginning with its ‘Train Veterans to Treat Veterans Program’, and is now building on this with this new endeavor.

The military community is in vital need for mental health practitioners, who understand the plight of war and severe consequences of combat related Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Case in point, the number one cause of death for service members since ca. 1996, is suicide! I’ve included links MSPPs program, as well as to my organization which I would encourage you to check out!

Train Veterans to Treat Veterans:

Military and Veteran Psychology:

Veterans Support Network