Posted on October 15,2013 by dirkmspp

Dear All,

I am delighted to collaborate with MSPP as a blogger, and share my experiences as a graduate of the Media Psychology Masters, and current student in the Leadership Doctoral program. I chose MSPP for my graduate studies for several reasons, none perhaps more important as our shared vision to give back to our respective communities. I am a psychotherapist, with a clinical focus in trauma, especially veterans and women, driven by a need to make a difference. MSPP has offered me the opportunity to leverage my professional experiences having worked for CNN, the MA State Senate as Legislative Director, and more currently a Boston area psychotherapist, but to channel my passion to impact a larger population than I ever thought possible. Most notably, our veteran community!

My journey in leadership and psychology started when I was sixteen years old, just a short time after my family immigrated to Western Massachusetts from Germany. My goal at the time was to serve my adopted home as a candidate in the United States Naval Academy, which required a recommendation from our local Congressman. My father, whose political ideology did not align with those of our local representative, thought I should volunteer for his opponent, I followed his advice and fell in love with the American Political System and the avenue it offers to give back to my community, but in particular the opportunity it gave me to give back.

Volunteering in the Politics not only gave me a great perspective on the American Political System, but more importantly gave me a sense of the civic responsibilities I have as an immigrant to this wonderful country. Since then, I have done my best to do my part, working diligently to make my home, and community a better place. That includes running for office and serving several terms on the Greenfield City Council, and volunteering for many non-profit organizations.

I decided to enter psychology for two reasons, to make a difference by giving back, and to grow personally and professionally. I share MSPPs philosophy is a privilege, and with that privilege come many responsibilities – most important of which is to continue our shared responsibilities to make this world a better place to live.

Thanks for reading!