Scary Decisions

Posted on October 10,2013 by rio32013

Big life decisions can be scary, especially when you make them on short notice. I moved up to Massachusetts from West Texas a little over a month ago, and – to be honest – I was completely terrified of the idea of the idea of moving 2,000 miles away from home when I found out that I was accepted at MSPP. If you had asked me what I expected to be doing in October 2013 just a few months ago, I probably would have told you that I’d be working in El Paso and “getting ready” for grad school in 2014.

Thanks to MSPP’s rolling admissions, I had the opportunity to apply to a school late into the summer and was accepted into an excellent program that is already changing my life. The MSPP faculty is simply amazing, and my advisor has constantly been available to help in this process. In the span of a week, I was able to take care of everything from admissions, to registration, to financial aid, all without ever feeling like anything was out of my reach. Part of me still doesn’t understand how everything got taken care of, but it did. Now I’m doing well in my classes, and nothing about what I’m doing feels “scary,” or even intimidating.

When I think about how things have gone in the last two months, I realize what was most “scary” was the idea of not knowing how things would turn out. When making the decision on whether or not to move to Massachusetts, I often thought that I “wasn’t ready,” but I now think about how easily not applying for this semester could have turned into not “being ready” a year from now. Now that I’m here, the only decision that would have had scary consequences would have been not going after what I wanted to do.

Song of the week:

This doesn’t relate at all. But I love the lyric “skippin’ over the ocean like a stone.” Also, Derek Trucks is the nephew of Butch Trucks, one of the founding members of The Allman Brothers Band. Derek has since gone on to become one of the members of TABB. Which is awesome.

Everybody’s Talkin’ – Tedeschi Trucks Band