Off to a great start!

Posted on September 26,2013 by sthurstonmspp

There is nothing like the fall. Aside from the gorgeous colors and abundance of delicious fruit-turned-pie, the crisp weather sends me scurrying for hoodies that have been buried in the back of the closet all summer. I am always quick to spot my favorite grey, the super large one that still has the soft and fuzzy feel of a brand new sweatshirt. It occurs to me that this year’s placement has that same feel.

My full time internship is at an elementary school, the kind where we have no testing cases yet but plenty of lunch groups and visits to classrooms. I feel as though I am tunneling back into my comfortable place, where the past year’s teenage dramas are a memory and the gap toothed smiles of small children make me feel at home. I’ve dusted off a few of my old favorites, but for the most part have spent some time reacquainting myself with the picture books and tv shows that will inspire my social thinking lessons.

Although the day-to-day events are not always so rosy (2 bullying incidents already this year!) I love being busy, having a child write my name (phonetically, of course) when asked about adults they feel safe with, and seeing the dazzling tutu frocked girls skipping down the hallways. There are murals on walls and Jammin minutes and a gym teacher who plays life sized Angry Birds with the kids. It is still early, but I feel refreshed!