Posted on August 13,2013 by latinomentalhealth

Hola from Macrina in Costa Rica.

My host mom or mi Mama Tica is a very sweet, welcoming person. I was very nervous coming to Costa Rica but from the moment I stepped in the door she did everything to make me feel comfortable. She double checked my allergies and just general likes and dislikes of food. I have come to find people eat more in Costa Rica than I am accustomed to and had to talk to my mama Tica about smaller portions. She was fine with it and kept telling me tranquila and pura vida. Pura vida is a saying and way of life down here. It means pure life but they also use to just appreciate life and calm down. For me it is very hard to follow that way I am very used to being organized, scheduled and constantly on the go. I think the pura vida lifestyle or a little bit of it could help me with my nerves and could help a lot of people to appreciate life again. This is a picture of my first breakfast with my mama Tica.

heart egg in the middle