MSPP's Annual Gala

Posted on May 16,2013 by cpembertonmspp

MSPP held their annual Gala on Wednesday May 15th and my wife and I were fortunate enough to be able to attend thanks to my involvement in the Train Vets to Treat Vets program. The Gala paid tribute to both Veterans and those still serving as well as their family members, and it was an absolutely lovely experience.

There were many excellent speeches given throughout the evening, but what struck me most and what impressed me most was the obvious passion displayed by Generals (Retired) Casey and Cornum as they described the process by which they fostered the Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness Program now used by the Army. A program that I can say from, first-hand experience, works and works well. I am also proud to say that I am an instructing member of the program’s Master Resiliency program and it was an incredible honor to get to meet General Casey and Brigadier General Cornum.

The Gala and the devotion to supporting Veterans displayed by MSPP at the Gala and throughout the school in general continues to reaffirm the belief that I truly found the best possible Graduate school and I am grateful to be a student and participating member of MSPP.

I will close by suggesting to whomever happens upon this to watch the video below on MSPP Military and Veterans Psychology.