It's the Little Things...

Posted on April 30,2013 by abrigovmspp

... Like peeling grapefruits. Tonight I stood calmly in my kitchen for the first time in a while appreciating that I could do a reasonably simple task without feeling rushed. Of course peeling grapefruits takes a bit of skill, but that comes with practice. It more importantly takes time and willpower to not eat all of the sections before your done peeling the whole thing!
Yesterday afternoon was the deadline to submit my capstone project. I still have an assignment to complete for my internship seminar as well as all of my course evaluations. Regardless, the end is near. This is assuming everything turns out to meet satisfactory standards on the capstone paper, of course.
Even though graduation is set for June 2nd, I have elected to stay at LHI-Brockton right until the Friday before. While it's not quite over yet, I know this journey will soon end with a diploma in hand (I hope!) In these final weeks of wrapping up my caseload, I hope to give my clients everything they need. I know they have certainly taught me more than I ever could have hoped for and I am thankful to have been invited into their lives.