Posted on April 23,2013 by jackieqmspp

Happy Tuesday, everyone.

Today is a beautiful spring day in Rochester, NY and it's a day to be productive. My husband and I are going to run some errands and then we're coming right home so I can get down to business on my paper for the week. This is the final week of my current class and we have a final paper due on Sunday, but my big brother is getting married on Saturday! Things are going to be crazy starting Friday, so I'm going to get my paper finished before the pandemonium begins.

Life is happening so quickly lately. After this week, we have 3 classes left in my grad program and then I'm done. I will have my Master's degree in my hand after 11 months of hard work and a whole lot of sacrifice. This move is coming up quickly too. My last day of work is tomorrow, I'll have 4 weeks to devote to my field project, Capstone paper, and packing, and then we hit the road. With school, moving, and spending time with loved ones before we go, it's a crazy life these days. A crazy life in the best way.