Processing Away as the End Comes Near

Posted on April 23,2013 by abrigovmspp

Yesterday I gave my Capstone presentation to my (thankfully) very small class and with just a few hiccups and 45 minutes of remembering to take in oxygen, it's over!! While there still remain 2 very important assignments before I can officially jump for joy, the largest obstacle to my diploma has been conquered. If my classmates didn't know anything about resilience in American Latino youth before, they sure do now!

Maybe I should hold on to the giant sigh of relief for a little longer but I'm starting to feel bittersweet. If my Capstone presentation is done, that means my graduate career is almost done, too. That means no more classes and certainly no more assignments soon enough. This is when I need to remind myself, "I can do this. I can go out there, find a job and start building the life I want for myself." Somewhere between now and June 2nd, I'm sure that pure excitement will take over and the memories of pre-Capstone knots in the tummy will be long gone.