Another Field Project Update & A Plea for Help

Posted on April 17,2013 by jackieqmspp

With the countdown to moving coming up quick (5 weeks!), I'm starting to get down to business on my Field Project. You can read about it here and here, but a quick summary is that I'm working on bettering the Residence Life department at an area community college.

Thankfully, most of this project, I can complete remotely. I've met with the Residence Life staff at the school, talked to some RA's, and have meetings twice a month with my advisor, but everything else, I work on at home. This can mean my current home in Rochester or my future home down south.

I have a lot of the research done. I know what MCC is doing well and what they could be doing to serve their students better. Now is the time for me to just sit down and start working on a new plan. You guys know how hard it is for me to focus, though. I'm finishing up my job here next week and then I'll have a full month before we move to pack up our apartment and get a huge portion of my project done.

This is where you guys come in: I need tips on working from home. I need to set up a system to make sure that I get the most out of my days and maybe even get my hours completed by the time we move. I've heard that making a daily schedule helps. A routine may make it easy for me to focus on certain things at certain times and knowing that I have to get something accomplished before noon may help me get started in the morning. But maybe that's not the perfect answer. Do you guys have any other ideas? How do you stay productive when working from home? Does anyone want to volunteer to be my productivity manager and yell at me anytime I get distracted?