A Multicultural Affair

Posted on April 09,2013 by fjeanfelixmspp


Over the weekend students of MSPP ventured out to New Jersey for the Multicultural Family Institute’s 22nd Culture Conference. The theme of this years conference was the idea of “Home;” including what this means for us as a community of professionals in the mental health field and what this means for the population we serve. Speakers included Dr. Samuel Cruz, Ph.D and Senior Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY, Dr. America Bracho, Executive Director of Latino Health Access in Santa Ana, California, and a special performance by award winning actor, singer, writer, and composer, Daniel Beaty. It was refreshing to be a part of the many discussions facilitated throughout the weekend by panel members of what “home” means to each one of us. Many of us defined “home” as a feeling or a connection with others or a place. But what is home? How do we come to conclusion that home is a feeling? For most people, the thought of home is the place we live, or the place we grew up; but at the root, what makes these places our home? We associate so much of the good nostalgia, such as a scent, a mood, or a feeling with a feeling of home. For many of us in the Primary Care program MSPP is our home. In our short time piloting the Primary Care program, we have grown from peers and colleagues to friends and have gotten to know the faculty to be just the warm, inviting support we need to get us through our intensive graduate studies. That’s the feeling that lets us know that MSPP is our academic home.