The beauty of messing up

Posted on March 31,2013 by shansenmspp

In our Groups Theory & Process class last week, our professor reminded us of the importance of making mistakes. If we aren’t making mistakes, we are not challenging ourselves, and we are not learning. And, we are role models for our students, and part of life is messing up – and trying again. Schools often (perhaps subtly) foster an environment where making an error is frowned upon or to be avoided at all costs.

Students who speak up in class, and are wrong all too frequently feel dumb, stop raising their hands, or cease taking risks. I was a quiet student – more inclined to sit quietly unless I was completely sure of an answer – shying away from potential mistakes made in front of peers. I now tend to take the opposite stance – and sometimes I’m wrong.

I am certainly not perfect – or close to it. Nobody is. That’s just how life is. And we can help remind students of this important lesson. Mess up! Make a mistake! Try again! And again! And again…..