On Being Sure of Your Path

Posted on March 29,2013 by jackieqmspp

As I was rushing from my arrival gate to my departure gate on Tuesday, heading for a job interview in another state, I had my first moment of "I'm a professional right now".

I looked around and saw myself in the herd of business suits, traveling with only carry-on luggage to a meeting that they'd fly back from that very same night. Sitting on the plane, my seatmate struck up conversation, asking where I was heading. For the first time in my life, I had the courage to explain that I was heading to an interview, finally being able to say "I work in Student Affairs". In that moment, I felt was proud of myself. Proud of myself for being able to say that I am a professional, and a darn good one at that. Proud of myself for being confident in my knowledge of SA theories and topics and my ability to succeed in this type of role. When my interviewers asked me why I was the right person for this Residence Life job, I was confident that I had the experience and the knowledge to back up my passion for these students.

Coming into the Higher Ed program at MSPP, I thought this was the right track. I enjoyed my Student Development internship at my alma mater and figured that if I have to get a Masters degree, why not do it in something that seemed fun? But thanks to my time here, I know that this is the right track. I love what I'm learning. The professors make our courses thought-provoking and applicable to real life. My field project allows me to gain experience in a field that I love. Through everything I'm learning at MSPP, I've realized that Student Affairs, specifically Residence Life, is my passion. And for someone who didn't think they'd ever find a job they cared about this much, I'm on top of the world with this realization. There's this whole field that has such an ability to make an impact on students' college experience and I can be part of it. I am part of it. For this, I will forever be thankful for my experience here at MSPP.