Traveling Girl

Posted on March 26,2013 by jackieqmspp

As I type, I'm sitting in my home city airport, awaiting a flight to Florence, South Carolina. It seems like I live in airports these days.

Ben and I got home on Sunday night at 12:30, after a full day of flying standby from Texas. It took us 7 long hours of gate hopping to finally find a flight with enough room to bring us home. We flew into an airport about an hour away from home, drove back as quickly as we could, and fell into our beds.

Yesterday, I worked a full day, come home and finished writing my final paper for a class [which unfortunately, was due the night before], unpacked from the last trip and repacked for this trip, and then fell into bed again. After only 4 hours of sleep, I'm up and barely awake, waiting at my gate to bring me to an on-campus interview for a Residence Life job.

You could say that I'm worn out. I'm thankful for the wonderful vacation that my husband and I had, and also for the opportunity that this interview may bring. I really am. But gosh if I don't miss my bed and a lack of bags under my eyes.

The plane is boarding, so i have to run. Wish me luck in these next few days!