My Body is Screaming for HELP!

Posted on March 21,2013 by cpembertonmspp

Even as we cross into “spring” there is news of more snow on the way. When I hear this I hear my internal voice giving me another excuse to not run or workout in the morning. What I don’t hear, or what I refuse to listen to, is my body telling me that I am messing up. While I focus on my studies and everything that goes along with grad school I have been neglecting the very part of my total health that will allow me to maintain the intense pace of life that grad-students endure; my physical health.

During new student orientation and multiple times throughout the school year we students are told that we need to exerciseself-care”, and I think that most of us have managed to include at least a little self-care into our routines. My problem is that what I have been calling self-care hasn’t really been what I need (at least not all I need). I have allowed myself to fall back on watching a movie or having a drink with friends to become my go-to for self-care and have neglected to actually take care of my physical form. Well the results are becoming clear, I am becoming mentally and physically sluggish and it is becoming increasing harder to rise to any task at hand.

Thankfully the answer to my problem is right in front of me… LITERALY! My running shoes are staring back at me from across my office and as soon as I finish this post I am going to lace up and get at least a couple of miles in during lunch.

So I guess that if there is a moral to the story it is this: Self-care is an imperative, but we must make sure that we are performing the self-care that is most appropriate to us and is actually taking care of us. I love you Netflix but I think it’s time we take a break.