Posted on March 21,2013 by msppjen

What I've been doing lately:

  • Filling out my graduation application. I must really be done with my master's!!
  • Booked a trip to Portland, OR next month to celebrate said graduation (and my birthday!). It's the vegan mecca with a beautiful backdrop!

    (The vegan mini mall!)
  • Dipping a toe into the organizational development community around Boston, to network and see what I might want to do going forward.
  • Doing on-going work on the employee engagement project I started during my field placement.
  • Researching, thinking, soul-searching, and talking to as many people as possible to decide if I want to go on to earn my PsyD in Leadership Psych at MSPP. The program sounds incredible and something that would be a great fit for me....

Off to do some more work and ponder some more. Happy Spring!