Mock Session Time

Posted on March 17,2013 by fjeanfelixmspp


It’s about that time of the semester when we get together as triads in an effort to present the finest mock therapy sessions we can assemble as rookies in the field. In Seminar we often discuss and learn interventions that we can use both in our future careers and in real time. However, the best support that we often benefit from is when we get to watch ourselves in action.

Mock sessions are typically a half hour, video recorded session, in which we talk through a fictitious concern with a peer who takes on the role of a client. But it doesn’t stop there. Within these sessions, there is a third peer who experiences the session with the therapist and client providing real time feedback to the student who is the therapist, at the close of the session. We then transcribe the session verbatim, rate the usefulness of the skills used in session, and best of all GAIN INSIGHT.

As dreaded a task as transcription of a 30-minute session is, we acquire a comprehensive understanding of our strengths and weaknesses, while witnessing our blind spots with our own two eyes. This is possibly one of the most valuable exercises we complete in Seminar, as we get to pinpoint what needs improvement and refine our talents. With each session we get better and better. And with each session, we cheer one another on for our notable improvements.