You can take the girl out of MSPP...

Posted on March 11,2013 by msppjen

...but you can't take MSPP out of the girl!

Since I last wrote, I've been taking it easy and hanging out with friends and family while contemplating my next steps since finishing my MAOP. I am done with my degree, but MSPP and org. psych. are still very big parts of my life.

My former classmates are now friends and colleagues and this weekend, instead of reading texts for class, I put together a new bookshelf to house them. While I wasn't posting discussions on Moodle this week, I was casually Googling where I can get myself an MSPP hoodie (anyone know? :)). Also, as I am sure you can tell, I am still posting on this blog, which I love for allowing me to see into some of the other programs at the school!

I've also spent time at work continuing to plug away on the project I started for my field placement. Choosing to do my placement at my job was a good choice for me because it really allows me to carry out the project to the end. Not only is this great because I can learn about change process start to finish, it really gives our organization the full benefits of my work.

There are also some great MSPP events coming up for me in the near future, like a reception the OLP department is having later this month (stay tuned to hear about that when it comes) and, of course, Commencement in June! While I am finished with my degree now, there is something about a celebratory ceremony that really seals the deal for me. I can't wait to celebrate with all of my fellow MSPP grads!

I'm looking forward to those events and to continue being connected with the MSPP community well into the future. I've heard a lot of people talk about the strength of the community at MSPP and it's really true. Even as an online student (ah! I guess I am a recent grad now!), I still feel very much a part of the community at MSPP. Even though I never regularly attended classes on campus, I still feel that MSPP is just a part of my life going forward and I am very grateful for that.

For now, I'm off to do some more research on that hoodie situation :) Happy Monday!