I Like School Work in June. How about You?

Posted on March 05,2013 by sdmosaligantimspp

Today was the first day of registration for summer classes. I signed up for Clinical Practice of Psychodynamic Theory and Positive Psychology for summer session I, official confirmation that I won't be able go with my college friends on their ridiculous Europe vacation. :( But whatever. I get a kick out of summer classes; although the material is more dense due to the time constraints, the atmosphere on-campus feels lighter and more carefree, and you sorta develop these "summer" bonds among fellow classmates.

Maybe I'm just all set with winter. When I go outside, I feel like I've entered this weird void filled with piles of grey-ish snow and lost gloves on sidewalks and COLDNESS that I have to get through in order to make it to the indoor world. I can't wait until the outdoors is no longer some place I have to "get through," but is the actual destination. Yep, bring on the Boston summer with its outdoor reading, dog-walking, strolls, ice coffees, and heck, summer classes too.

And because I also like New York in June... here's a little dose of "classic" to put a smile on your face: :)