Putting the "Ew" in "Lit ReviEW"

Posted on March 03,2013 by sdmosaligantimspp

Actually, I kinda enjoy writing this lit review (it's for my Clinical Seminar class); I got a late start on it, however, and it's due on Wednesday, so.... "ugh," "ew," "boo," hiss, and whatnot. I have set up shop at a cafe with my friend who keeps distracting me with stories about this guy she likes who sounds like a sonofagun. (Love ya, girl)

Anyways, my lit review regards the relationship between childhood trauma, particularly sexual abuse, and schizophrenia. I used to consider schizophrenia to be a purely genetic/neurobiological disorder; upon working at a psychiatric unit for my first-year practicum, however, I was struck by the high rate of reported childhood trauma among patients with psychotic disorders. For instance, I had one client who presented with schizophrenia marked by auditory command/persecutory hallucinations and delusions. One of many siblings in a huge family, he was the only person in his family to have a major mental illness. He also was the only person known to have experienced childhood sexual trauma.

Do such traumatic experiences serve a causal role in the onset of schizophrenia? Do they somehow activate a genetic predisposition for psychosis? If so, HOW? In trying to understand the nature of this potential causal role, some of the literature entertains a relationship between dissociation/PTSD and psychosis. Does trauma induce dissociation and does dissociation, in turn, induce psychosis for those who are genetically vulnerable for acquiring psychosis? Could psychosis, at least in some cases, be mapped onto a dissociation/PTSD spectrum?

So yep, gonna be at Athans all day with my incredibly distracting (but lovable) friend. I feel like I am writing two papers: one on the trauma-schizophrenia link and another on "what it means if a guy walks you to your car on the third date but doesn't kiss you and then doesn't text you for two weeks and so you text him on Saturday and he says he can't see you that night because he has to go to the gym and will be too tired afterwards?" (Discussion/conclusion: Girl, you can do better. References: Reality)

Hope you all have a good Sunday!

Study date with one of my best gals! <3 Study date with one of my best gals! <3