Next Steps

Posted on March 01,2013 by msppjen

It seems to be that time a year with a number of my fellow bloggers posting about finding jobs, etc... I am also thinking about what the near future holds for me. I turned in the last requirement of my degree TODAY and now I am finished. What now?

I love my job and my boss has a few choice words about the concept of me potentially leaving, so I don't know if that will be happening immediately. Plus, I am continuing the work I've done on my field project at my organization to help increase employee engagement and I have to see that through to the end :) (I'll give you an update on how that's going pretty soon!)

Beyond whether I'll have a different job in the immediate future, there are other next steps I am considering. MSPP offers a PsyD in Leadership Psychology, which is extremely alluring to me... I think I need to give myself some time to consider it some more and speak with faculty to make the final decision, but it's certainly something I am considering right now.

For now, my next step is to relax and touch base with friends and family. Taking some time to relax and reflect between big steps is important and can be helpful in making the right decisions.

Have a great weekend!