Future Planning

Posted on February 27,2013 by abrigovmspp

Planning for me can become problematic because life just keeps moving right along without me, whether I am part of the action or not. My fear is that one of these days I am going to be so busy creating lists and reminders that I might actually miss something big. So, for the purposes of my current planning venture, I have enlisted the help of the professionals!

As June 2nd flies toward us, anxiety has begun to set in: There will be no more loan money to pay rent. I need to find a job. Where will the next apartment be? Who is going to want to hire me?!

Good thing I let my advisor in on ALL of those worries!

After a preliminary meeting with my advisor, we decided that my resume needed help, my professional profile needed to go up for potential employers to find and I generally just needed to get myself together. After that first meeting, I then scheduled a Career Services appointment. Tricia helped me to feel better in general about the options that will soon be available to me. I bounced my resume around to a few people and incorporated the modifications. Tonight and tomorrow I am researching the organizations who are sending recruiters to Thursday evening's career event on campus. Thursday night I will be professionally dressed and introducing myself to the representatives of the agencies that interest me most. Then we will go from there. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it!