Mountains Beyond Mountains ...before classes

Posted on February 26,2013 by fjeanfelixmspp


We’re back from our second (well deserved) winter break and full of discussion this week. The topic of choice: Dr. Paul Farmer. Our first assignment of Introduction to Primary Care was to read Mountains Beyond Mountains (Kidder), which is a biographical depiction of the admirable work of Dr. Paul Farmer, MD, PhD of Anthropology and co-founder of Partners in Health, a Boston-based, non-profit healthcare organization.

Farmer is best known for his humanitarian efforts providing adequate healthcare in Haiti, learning the culture early on in his career as a med student at Harvard, and applying the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model in treating his patients of both extensive medical and psychosocial needs. Needless to say, Kidder’s accounts of Farmer’s ventures not only embodies the excellence we as Primary Care students strive for, but it has ignited a much needed flame to jumpstart our week back in classes. Thank you Dr. Farmer for being an inspiration and for giving us so much more to look forward to in our future career endeavors in the field of health psychology.